Hospital Profile

Hainan Modern Women and Children's Hospital, established in 2004, is a Third-level First-class obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Hainan Province. Set medical treatment, prevention, health care, scientific research, teaching as one. We will provide high-quality medical and health services to women and children.Currently, the hospital has three divisions: Fucheng Branch located at No. 18-1 Qiongzhou Avenue, Nansha Branch located at East Jinyu Road, and Longkun South Branch located at South Longkun Road. There are more than 500 beds and more than 400,000 outpatient and emergency patients are treated throughout the year. The number of deliveries in a year accounts for 20 percent of the city's total deliveries. The hospital has passed the JCI international certification for five consecutive times, the SGS international service quality certification in 2019, and the Third-level First-class evaluation in 2020. It is the only hospital in Hainan that has passed these three certifications. And also the first national pilot hospital childbirth analgesia, People's Hospital of Hainan province medical association cooperation unit, maternal and child health care of Hainan province association unit, Hainan Medical College Teaching Hospital, midwifery specialist nurse training clinical practice base of Hainan province, China association of maternity and child care for women's and children's health professional training base, postpartum rehabilitation instructor training center of clinical practice.

The hospital has more than 30 clinical and technical departments, including gynecology, obstetrics, reproductive medicine, pediatrics, neonatology, child health care, medical cosmetology, urology, breast surgery, internal medicine, stomatology, ophthalmology and emergency department. Among them, obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics are provincial key clinical specialties in Hainan. Fucheng Hospital has a maternity center and vaccination clinic, Nansha Hospital has a medical cosmetology department, Longkun south hospital opened urology and external lithotripsy and other special services, to provide customers with a variety of medical and health services.

The hospital has introduced a large number of discipline leaders and medical personnel in obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, neonatology and reproductive medicine from all over the country, more than 70 of them have associate senior titles or above, and more than 30 of them have master's and doctor's degrees. Embryoscope+ time difference culture system, advanced GE E8, E9, E10, S8 and P5 ultrasound machines from the United States, 3D uterine laparoscopy technology and advanced inspection equipment from Germany and Japan.

The hospital implements precision appointment diagnosis and treatment, with one person with one consulting room, one person with one ward, and one person with one delivery room. Patients can enjoy the diagnosis and treatment services of professional medical team in the exclusive private space. The LDR integrated delivery room provides a full range of care from pre-delivery to postpartum. The rapid response obstetric medical team can perform "immediate cesarean section". Gynecology can carry out laparoscopic microsurgery and other difficult operations. The Reproductive Medicine Center has strong technical force, which can implement artificial insemination, test-tube baby and other assisted reproductive technologies, carry out characteristic projects of painless OPU, and provide professional and comfortable diagnosis and treatment services for patients with infertility and reproductive endocrine diseases. Neonatal department can carry out the rescue of critically ill children.

The hospital has introduced a new family-oriented maternal care mode, providing customers with life-cycle health management and medical services, including pre-marital check-up, superior pregnancy guidance, obstetric check-up, pregnancy care, delivery to monthly care, postpartum rehabilitation, women's health care, child health care, diagnosis and treatment. The only simulated delivery room in Hainan Province has been set up to provide "painless" delivery, doula delivery, family accompanied delivery, kangaroo care, rapid postoperative rehabilitation care and other special services.

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Language Translation Service Notice

Our hospital provides paid, common language translation service, which includes language translation, making appointments, and consultation guidance. Appointment of all visits is preferred, including translation service.

Language translation service charging standards:

Normal work time:RMB300/hour, Festival/holiday/emergency time:RMB500/hour.

Appointment method:

In the hospital WeChat official account (hnxdyy) dialog, you can enter text “translation” to make an appointment of the language translation service.

The right of language translation service interpretation is reserved by Hainan Modern Women and Children’s Hospital.